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Date: 18 May 2024

at their most basic, horses are simply a means to get from point a to point b in red dead redemption 2 but at their best, horses can be great moneymakers, significantly cut down on travel time, and give players a fighting chance at staying alive updated on may 9th,by ritwik mitra: red dead redemption 2 is one of the greatest games ever made, with even the simple act of exploring the gorgeous open world being extremely engaging rockstar games have clearly poured a lot of love into this game to make its world as enthralling as possible, and players who want to make the act of roaming around the open world as easy and engaging as possible should pick out a great mount that can make the journey with them not all horses are created equal in rdr2, with some being objectively better than others, and this list has been updated to break down every single horse in the game, so that players know which ones to go after the default horse in rdr online that appears everywhere in the game a pre-order bonus available for free from the valentine stable can only be used by moonshiners in red dead online can only be used by naturalists in red dead online

this is more of a special mention, given that 'standard horse' isn't exactly a breed per se rather, it's the placeholder name given to a certain horse that appears in story events and can't be ridden by the player this is probably for the best, since this horse boasts some of the worst stats in the game, which would make it a downright nightmare to ride during actual gameplay thankfully, most players don't have to deal with this nightmare unless they go out of their way to use console commands or cheats to spawn this horse just to see what the fuss is all about it's only a given that a horse that takes no effort to acquire will be far from useful in the game, and the scrawny nag is a great example of the same players who check out the world of red dead online for the first time will start out with this weak horse that they'll want to replace as soon as possible sure, players can carry this horse with them to the very end, but that's just making things unnecessarily hard for them generally speaking, riding horses are good for riding and not much else for the morgan, this is especially true, as it has some of the worst stats in the game

all variations share the same stats, but the palomino is worth the least, making it objectively the worst horse in the game this horse beats walking and morgans, but that's about it if players insist on getting one go for the flaxen roan which has the best stats and sells for more belgian draft horses are better than a riding horse but are considered the weakest of all draft horses if players decide to get this one as an upgrade from riding horses go for the blond chestnut or the mealy chestnut they have the same stats the belgian draft horse only comes in the chestnut coat and the only way to obtain it is to steal it the best shire horse is the raven black with just a little better stamina than its peers yet another puller is the suffolk punchbut this one has some better stats than previous horses on this list a downside however is that it can only be found meaning fans will have to find one or steal it

either variation is fine as they have the same stats there is only the red chestnut coat, and it must be stolen leopard or brown leopard are the best variations with equal stats scarred blankets are rare and only appear during random encounters with murfree brood members the weakest of the race horses but with some use is the red dead redemption 2 horse porn standardbred the silver tail buckskin has the best stamina for longer runs, but the palomino is easier to handle so pick according to the track still, this shouldn't take away anything from the usefulness of the war horse and its effective nature as one of the faster steeds in the game the biggest thing that makes the war horse such a powerful ride in red dead redemption 2 is its amazing speed, letting players zoom across the game world without breaking a sweat this fact alone makes it a great horse that players can carry all the way to the end of the game if they wish

thoroughbreds are excellent sprinters with high acceleration, but not enough stamina or health to do anything else the brindle is the fastest and dappled black has the same stats but is only available in special editions of the game seal brown is a bit slower but can run a little longer and take more hits the dapple dark grey is the best variation fans can find the flaxen chestnut and piebald tobiano must be tamed the american paint is a classic horse, and is very smart and low maintenance, but this advantage is canceled out somewhat by mediocre stats making it a middle-of-the-run horse the overo, splashed white, and tobiano must be tamed one of the fastest horses in the game with breathtaking base speed it can go hoof to hoof with the number two horse on this list, but every other stat fails to compare which is why it ranks around the middle

  • These are tough horses that won't jump at anything
  • They can take a punch and have great endurance which makes them perfect horses for extended hunting trips
  • For the best Andalusians look for the Rose Grey variation
  • Starting the top five is an all-around great workhorse
  • The best is the Cremello Gold Dutch which is also a great-looking horse for something players may be using most of the game
  • Ardennes are admittedly a little on the slow side, but if players want something that can ride into gunfire and come out alive on the other side then this is the horse
  • Regardless of which variant players choose, they'll be more than happy by the performance of this steed
  • Th Turkoman is a great horse if players are trying to get away from heavy combat or know players are going to be ambushed
  • Horses are essential for travel, but the right one can make you money, save time, and keep you alive

specific horses excel in all situations, while others are better off in someone else's stable update breaks down every horse in red dead redemption 2, guiding players on which ones to seek out health stamina speed acceleration health 3 stamina 3 speed 3 acceleration 3 health 3 stamina 3 speed acceleration health stamina speed 3 acceleration 3one of the best parts about red dead redemption 2 is the complete freedom to explore the map on horseback, but what's even better is the sheer number of horses that arthur can choose to accompany him on his journey in addition to visual and aesthetic differences, each horse has its own specific set of strengths, weaknesses, and mannerisms affecting how it interacts with the western rpg's protagonist indeed, personal preference may play a role in each player's choice of steed - but ultimately, there can only be one best horse in red dead redemption 2 in addition to speed and acceleration stats, horses in rdr2 have a few other stats like stamina, health, and handling, which will determine their overall usefulness bonding with your horse in red dead redemption 2 is another way to boost the horse's overall stats

rockstar games' red dead redemption 2 is already one of the biggest video games of all-time, but does it live up to the hype? morgans are basic horses with average speed and stamina, making them suitable for red dead redemption 2 horse porn trips around red dead redemption 2 's map however, they're slower than many other breeds, and their health pool leaves something to be desired morgans can be found in the wild or valentine stable after chapter 2 of the game although the bay roan and palomino colors of the breed are available to buy, arthur can also find the horses in the wild with the bay and flaxen chestnut kentucky saddlers are common horses in red dead redemption 2 they have a laid-back nature, making them perfect companions for riding short distances, and since they can be found all over the map, they're quick and easy to tame kentucky saddlers do have their downsides, though; they're not too fast and can't accelerate particularly quickly arthur can catch the gray, black, chestnut pinto, and silver bay coats in the wild, and the gray is also available for purchase in stables however, not all tennesse walkers are created equal

gameplay-wise, the higher-tier tennessee walker horses are sturdy and healthy, and they handle long distances across red dead redemption 2 's massive map draft horses are among the sturdiest horses in the game, and they are what players should prioritize for tasks such as pulling carts, carriages, wagons, and coaches they have excellent health and stamina and have the fastest acceleration among the heavy breeds belgians are sturdy and come in two coats - blond chestnut and mealy chestnut the shire is another breed of draft horse, meaning that it's well suited to heavy pulling or hauling they are one of the strongest horse breeds in the game, but their large size and heavy weight make them more difficult to handle unfortunately, their speed and stamina are only average, meaning that they're a far cry from the best overall horse in red dead redemption 2 the raven black coat gives the horse slightly higher stamina than horses of other colors here is a guide to the best outfits in red dead redemption 2 along with how to get them and what they can do for you in the wild west open-world epic

with its stocky and compact frame, it's the ideal breed for heavy labor on farms they can work extremely long hours without getting tired, are very sturdy and healthy, and even have a good speed for their breed these horses are also heavy, which means that they are often difficult to handle they come in two different coats - red chestnut and sorrel the next step up from a draft horse is the work horse, such as the appaloosa it's a breed that is perfect for just about any kind of work needed at a ranch; they are rather healthy and have good speed, agility, and stamina appaloosas are often found in the midwestern part of the game map both of which have much higher stats than their lower-level counterparts if arthur needs to quickly get to a town, landmark, or a therapeutic campsite in red dead redemption 2players will want to consider using a racehorse like the nokota

these horses are also healthy and handle exceptionally well the reverse dapple roan is the best of the three coats, with much greater speed than the other two nokota coats thoroughbred horses are lean, mean racing machines a kind of racehorse, this breed is made for athletics with great stamina, agility, and acceleration if red dead redemption 2 horse porn needs to sprint short distances, the thoroughbred horse is what he wants to do so with the brindle, which has the highest speed of this breed, is available for purchase in stables, but the others are only available in the wild a unique seal brown coated thoroughbred named rachel can be obtained at the beginning of the epilogue these horses are lean and agile with great stamina and acceleration, and they can maintain a fast pace for a long while as a race horse, american standardbreds are some of the fastest horses in red dead redemption 2 outside of the very best horses

although the silvertail buckskin and palomino dapple are available for purchase at stables, the black and buckskin are only available for catching in the wild american paint horses are robust work horses, ready to tackle any kind of task put upon them they are extremely intelligent, easy to care for, and even have great personalities, so they're easy for arthur to get along with american paints stand out from other horses, thanks to their uniquely patterned coats when it comes to battle, a good war horse is just as important as having a good revolver or pistol in red dead redemption 2 given that, players should consider the hungarian halfbred, a strong breed that has good health and stamina although these horses are slow with low speed and acceleration stats, they have a fearless personality that makes them perfect for any kind of combat these horses also handle extremely well, and they have large, sturdy bodies, too though hungarian halfbreds are fairly healthy when considering all horses in rdr2they are indeed less healthy than other war horse breeds

the flaxen chestnut and piebald tobiano coats live in the wild, but the dapple dark grey coat is only available for purchase at stables the mustang is a rdr2 horse that is good for a variety of tasks, whether it be racing, war, or work if it's an all-purpose horse that arthur needs, the mustang is just the breed he's looking for arthur can find mustangs in the western portion of the map dutch warmblood horses are among the sturdiest and hardiest of horses in rdr2's workhorse category these creatures have excellent stamina, a sturdy body attached to long legs, and they're surprisingly agile they have only average speed and health, but if arthur needs a dependable workhorse, the dutch warmblood is one horse that he can't go wrong with its compact frame makes it extra sturdy and powerful, and it also handles well, making it ideal for combat on top of that, these warhorses have excellent health and stamina

they have aggressive personalities, so they won't shy away from some of the scarier animals in the game although they're not fast, the andalusian horses are fairly good for traveling long distances they come in two coats, dark bay and rose gray, both of which are available for purchase at stables some of the most well-built horses for combat and war alike belong to the ardennes breed in rdr2 like other warhorses, ardennes horses tend to have low speed and acceleration, but these pitfalls can easily be overlooked they come in two coats - the bay roan and strawberry roan - both of which are available for purchase at stables throughout the game red dead redemption 2 is full of different creatures, but none as valuable as the faithful horses that carry players across the countryside the missouri fox trotter is both a race and work horse this combination means that they are incredibly fast as well as sturdy, which easily makes them one of the best horses in red dead redemption 2

missouri red dead redemption 2 horse porn trotter's are powerful horses with great stamina, but they also have good speed and a lively gait that will help arthur travel long distances faster and more comfortably missouri fox trotters come in amber champagne and silver dapple pinto, which are both available for purchase at stables throughout the map another horse that's good for both racing and working is the turkoman breed these horses have stellar health, stamina, and speed, meaning that they can handle long distances efficiently and also perform tasks like carriage pulling at the same time these slender horses are also very agile, meaning that they handle very well their only downside is that they can get impatient, but this can be avoided as long as they don't wait in one spot for too long turkomans can be found in the dark bay, gold, and silver varieties, and all are available for purchase at stables they will cost arthur a pretty penny, and he may need to take advantage of the best ways to make money fast in red dead redemption 2but it's well worth the sacrifice these horses' fiery personalities make them hard to tame, but once tamed, they're a companion arthur will want to keep until the game's end

they have fantastic health, stamina, speed, and acceleration stats, and they are extremely intelligentred dead redemption 2 embraces the western genre, and the aesthetic wouldn't be complete without a wide range of horses for the cowboys and bandits unfortunately, for some horses, players have to wait until the later hours of the long game red dead redemption 2 's sequel should avoid this pitfall by making the best horses available earlier this will ensure as many players as possible enjoy the sturdiest steeds, even if they decide not to complete the entire game some horses are tied to story missions that are only accessible during the late game of rdr2 the horse boasts impressive stats and can be earned after completing rdr2 's "the veteran" storyline john marston's horse, rachel, is only unlocked in the epilogue, which takes dozens of hours to get to the same problem is encountered with the stables of rdr2

it is possible to buy horses instead of taming them in the wild, but not all horses will be available immediately here, players can also customize their horses in various ways, and important provisions can be bought, including apples, hay, horse stimulants, and horse revivers, which can come in handy in dire situations in the next red dead redemption gameall horses should be available at stables from the get-go the prices of the better horses are enough of a barrier to restrict more powerful steeds, and motivate players to complete activities for money and purchase the horse of their dreams players should not have to complete multiple, long chapters before they can purchase a steed as majestic as the missouri fox trotter a good example of this is buellas the horse is acquired in a way that almost ensures players have an emotional bond with the beast the arabian horse is considered to be one of the best mounts in the game with its high stats, it can dash across the map at high speeds, and won't abandon players in the heat of battle once a bond has been formed they are the main means of transportation around the massive map, and players can form a bond with their horses

the stronger the bond, the less likely the horse is to flee during battle horses can also be customized, making each horse feel unique horses form an integral part of rdr2 's gameplayand players will likely spend plenty of time caring for their horses making the best horses available early on would be a good move for the next rdr game, as no players deserve to miss out on these beautiful beasts

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